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History Check

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  • Finance Check
  • Written Off Check
  • Stolen Check
  • Rego Check
  • Vechicle Details

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Car History

  • Finance Check
  • Written Off Check
  • Stolen Check
  • Rego Check
  • Vechicle Details
  • Odometer Rollback
  • Reported Sales Listing
  • Car valuation
  • Ancap Rating

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a lot of questions about your car? ChecknBuy has the answers for you!

Buying a car can be a daunting experience. There’s a lot that you need to consider and plenty of information you should get your hands on. But what reports should you read before you hand over your hard-earned cash?

Here is some of the information that ChecknBuy can provide to ensure you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

Included in the report is a Personal Property Securities Register Certificate (PPSR). This will tell you if any money is owing on the vehicle you’re looking to purchase. If there is finance outstanding, the certificate will include details such as the name and address of the creditor, details of the vehicle recorded on PPSR, the date the interest was recorded on PPSR, and the type of interest.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you purchase a vehicle with money owing on it, that debt legally becomes your responsibility.

You’ll also be able to find out the true odometer reading, in case the owner has rolled it back, as well as the service history and a range for the value of the car.

A written-off check will state if the car has previously been declared as a write-off. A vehicle that has been written-off generally has been damaged to such an extent due to severeimpactthat its deemed uneconomical to repair by an insurance company. It also dramatically effects the value of the car.

The report will indicate if the vehicle's odometer reading is accurate. Some owners may have tried to wind it back based on the car's known odometer history, or they’ve gathered data from independent third-party sources within the automotive industry. ChecknBuy recommends that you review the vehicle's logbooks and service history in conjunction with the CarHistory report to determine the vehicle's odometer reading accuracy.

This report will tell you if the car is currently reported as stolen.

If the vehicle has an active registration, this report will state the registration plate number, expiry date for the registration, and the state in which the vehicle is registered.

This will tell you how many times the vehicle has been listed for sale.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is checked against the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries to ensure that it corresponds to a real car. The report also includes details of the vehiclesuch as the make, model, series, body, year (first retail date), colour, fuel type, and fuel consumption.

Here you can find out how much your car is worth in the current market.

A price comparison chart is included with the CarHistory report to indicate where your car sits in the current market. It also compares your car with reported odometer readings and saleprice listings for similar vehicles.

You’ll also receive information on the vehicle's first sale, including what it was used for. It will tell you if your car was purchased for private or non-private use, such as a taxi, rental, or fleet car.

All CarHistory reports contain the ANCAP five-star rating and overall green rating.

A PPSR search helps you avoid the risks involved when buying a used car. This is especially important if you buy from a private seller as opposed to a licensed car dealer. The search can tell you if you’re about to buy a vehicle that has a security interestdebt, is stolen, or has ever been written off.

ChecknBuyworks closely with CarHistory to provide you with a detailed report featuring everything you need to know before buying a used car. Some of the other benefits include:
  • ChecknBuy is the quickest and cheapest
  • We offer a 5% discount on SafeBuy’s prepurchase inspection
  • ChecknBuy provides you with a quality report from CarHistory

CarHistory is Australia’s first online automotive bureau. Even though there are many other competitors in the market, CarHistory Reports continue to outperform them in several ways.

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle, enter your VIN below to get your report within minutes.

Who is ChecknBuy?

ChecknBuy (ABN 175 1026 1621) is owned by one of Australia’s most trusted Mobile Pre-purchase Inspection companies, SafeBuy.

Being a partner of SafeBuy means access to extensive automotive experience and exposure to the buying and selling process by completing vehicle inspections daily.

Car History Report and Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) search results are essential when purchasing a vehicle. They’re a trusted source to improve the transparency between buyers and sellers as well as reduce the instances of fraudulent sales of used cars in Australia.

ChecknBuy reports are based on official Australian government sources. The Car History and PPSR check provide information on vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, trucks, and trailers with VIN numbers registered in NSW, VIC, QLD and other states around the country.

ChecknBuy Report contains the most relevant and up-to-date information possible and provides you with the most comprehensive vehicle history reports for used cars in Australia.

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